This Halloween was a bit relaxing for me from a sewing perspective.  My daughter WANTED to be a Ninja…not a princess…a NINJA.  And Mr. E wanted to be a MINION!  Well at least these were the costumes most often mentioned during the past 2 months of daily costume idea changes.  So with no further ado…


Ninja Costume:

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop: Comfy Cozy robe (shortened by about 8 inches), Grand Slam tee (for underneath) and the Essential Sweats.

Simplicity 1037: Balacava mask

Minion Costume:

Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop: Okey Dokey Overalls and Double Trouble Reversible Hoodie

Minion eye is an empty small sliced olives can that I removed both ends of the can (in retrospect did not have to do that).  One side I painted with acrylic paints as the eye.  The other side my husband made two 1 inch slits in the back for me to feed the 1″ black elastic through. I hot glued it all back together.  The outside of the can was gold, so I painted it grey and then hot glued on 6 nuts around the edge.


Here is a picture of the Grand Slam tee that is under my daughter’s costume.


And the reversed side of the Double Trouble Hoodie for my son.


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