Layer Me Up- P4P

Like may others I have obsessed with sewing a Capsule Wardrobe.  Poured over patterns, raided my stash and nothing.  Over and over again I reach for solids and layering pieces for both work or play.  So what better way to start than with Patterns for Pirates‘ (P4P hereafter) Layer Me Up shirt pattern.  I started… Read more »


Xfactor Tankini and Ultimate Bikini Bottoms: 5oo4 patterns

As my friend comes around the corner to meet me for a photo session highlighting my new tankini, the first words out of her mouth were “ooh that is CUTE!”  A big smile on my face and mental happy dance, we head off for the indoor pool.  Skip forward a couple of hours and I… Read more »


K2 Pullover: 5oo4 Patterns

This little guy is my favorite fabric shopping companion for the pure joy and entertainment that he provides.   He is always picking out his own fabrics and telling me what I need to make him, loudly exclaiming his exacerbation when he can no longer ride in the cart because it is overflowing with bolts… Read more »


Girls Weekender Tunic: A 5oo4 Pattern

I have been doing some selfish sewing recently and both my kids have been asking when and what I am making them!   My daughter seems to go through Mommy sewing “withdrawals” the most since I am most often sewing for her.  She was very excited when I began sewing up something that looked pink (and… Read more »


Weekender Tunic

Who doesn’t love the fashion trend over the past year of longer shirts, tunics, sweater dresses, OH MY?!  I have a couple RTW sweater tunics that I love to wear with skinny jeans, leggings or with dress pants for work.  So when I was asked by Jessica over at 5 Out Of 4 Patterns to… Read more »


Resolution Tank and Bra: 5 out of 4 Pattern Group

Happy New Years (yes,yes, I know that we are almost into February)!  I love the New Year, winter and the urge for new beginnings and habits.  Like everyone else I have my own resolutions and sad to say some are the same from last year.  This year I am celebrating my 35th birthday, yikes!!  This… Read more »


Freezer Paper Stenciling

The holiday season always inspires me to make and give gifts to my children, nieces and nephews.  This year I wanted to make several pairs of flannel PJ bottoms with matching knit tops.  Of course the holidays have a way of sneaking up on me and I no longer had time to appliqué the knit… Read more »


Rough and Tumble Pants

This mama loves when I am in the fabric store with Mr. E and he either says 1) very dramatically, “not the fabric store again” or 2) he is making requests for clothes as he points out fabric “I need Lightening McQueen footy pajamas”.   It is gratifying (and what keeps me up until the wee… Read more »


Hidden Card Pocket

Today I am going to try to explain my brain. Ha!  My husband says it cannot be done…but I will try…as chances are very good that you (the reader) are female and we speak the same language. So with no further ado… I love my Columbia snow jacket because it has pockets everywhere!  Like SIX… Read more »


Ascent Fleece Pullover Review

The fall has been gorgeous with great weather and vivid fall colors.  The mornings have been crisp enough to want a lightweight jacket, but not to pull out my wool peacoat.   Luckily, 5 out of 4 Patterns just released their women’s Ascent Fleece Pullover jacket. The lines of this jacket are fantastic with the contrast… Read more »

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    Happy Halloween

    This Halloween was a bit relaxing for me from a sewing perspective.  My daughter WANTED to be a Ninja…not a princess…a NINJA.  And Mr. E wanted to be a MINION!  Well at least these were the costumes most often mentioned during the past 2 months of daily costume idea changes.  So with no further ado…… Read more »

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    5 Out of 4 Patterns: Men’s Sierra Pullover

    My husband benefited this week from my time spent sewing…just in time for our first cold and dreary Missouri fall day! I jumped at the chance to test this fantastic Men’s Sierra Pullover pattern from 5 out of 4 patterns as this jacket is just what I was looking for!  It can be made in… Read more »

  • Navy Anchor reversible 6-12mo

    Reversible Crib Shoes-

    These adorable shoes are fully reversible and are like having 2-in-1 shoes!   They are (and can) be made in a variety of  fabrics  (i.e. cotton, suede, leather, satin, etc.).   They are my go-to baby gift!  Pattern is OOP?! or at least no longer on Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop‘s website.  But she has other fabulous go-to… Read more »

  • Full Bust Adjustment Series: Intro

    I am on a mission, sew for myself…except most patterns are drafted for a B-cup and uh…I haven’t been that “small” since high school.   So enters the need to do a Full Bust Adjustment or FBA.  I have not even heard of a FBA until about 2 month ago and oh man the intimidation. But… Read more »

  • French Seams

    French Seams

    The French seam is an enclosed seam (or finishing seam) as it does not require further finishing.  Because this type of seam is bulkier, it is best for sheers and if the finished seam is 1/4″ or less.  It is most definitely not for the cotton that I used below, but I wanted to try… Read more »

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    Flat Felled Seams

    Flat Felled Seams are a type of self-enclosed or finishing seam. It is a great seam to use for jeans, pants, children’s clothing and more rugged type clothing as it helps reinforce the seams.  Basically it is for seams that have a lot of stretch, tension, or stress on it (i.e. yoke, crotch or butt… Read more »

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    Striped Bodice

    Let me start off by saying: I LOVE the free Cottage Mama Party Dress pattern!  It is a pattern that is so versatile and inspires so many ideas in that I simply cannot keep up! So how can you get a copy for yourself?!  Go on over to Lindsay Wilkes website The Cottage Mama and… Read more »

  • Golden Moccasins 3-6mo


    These adorable fully lined leather moccasins are perfect for those tiny toes!  Pliable and oh-so butter soft leather that is gorgeous! JUST ARRIVED!  New shipment of leather just waiting….                

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    Moccasin Hack

    Urban Dictionary: Hack: a clever solution to a tricky problem; to hack is to modify or change something in an extraordinary way Sewing is a lot like cooking for me.  I see what ingredients I have on hand, read the directions and then adjust accordingly.  I will read through a pattern and determine if the… Read more »

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    Welcome to Enlee Designs

    My sewing journey…